About Us

Explore Secluded Beaches, Fundy Cliffs and Reap the Bounty of the Bay

Experience the Bay of Fundy as the hard-working men and women of Gulliverís Cove have done for generations.


Learn directly from our team of local Rock Hounds, Lobster Fishermen, ďWinklersĒ and Dulse Harvesters. Hear their passionate and personal stories, hike their remote trails, comb their rich beaches and savour the delicious results of their labour.

Prepare to be amazed by the panoramic vistas of the Bay of Fundy from 300 feet high on Gulliverís Head. Be dwarfed by the towering basalt rock formations above you and humbled by the rip tides beneath. Inhale the crisp salt air and let the peace of Gulliverís Cove surround you.

Your hosts, Calvin and Wanda VanTassel have over 40 years of combined experience working in Gulliverís Cove. They are fourth and fifth generation Digby-ites who openly and enthusiastically share their love and pride of land and sea. You will be thrilled, moved and amused by local stories and their personal experiences.

Keep a keen eye on the Bay for seals, whales, porpoise and rare birds. Then scavenge the beach for collectable stones, ancient glass and Fundy-worn driftwood.


Proudly located within the UNESCO designated Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve.